Buenos Aires Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires from a fun, experienced, professional & highly recommended Spanish teacher. Patricio will also teach you about local culture to help make your stay more interesting.

Buenos Aires Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar – Buenos Aires style! Private classes with an expert local guitar instructor can be an excellent activity for those who are staying in the city and want to get into the local rhythm.

Buenos Aires Wine Tasting

Anuva Wines offer tastings in Buenos Aires, showcasing the best in Argentine boutique wines that you won’t find in wine stores. Try out some amazing Malbecs & other hidden gems while learning about wine in Argentina.

Buenos Aires Safety Tips

We recommend that you read this general safety advice before coming to Buenos Aires, which includes tips on what to carry with you around the city, local scams, taxis, airport transfers and more.

Argentina Flag Day

Every 20th of June in Buenos Aires, celebrate “Dia de la Bandera de la Argentina”, the annual tribute to independence hero General Manuel Belgrano and his most famous legacy – the Argentine national flag.

One Day in Buenos Aires

Imagine it is your last day ever in Buenos Aires, and you have just 24 hours to see and do all of the things you love in Buenos Aires for the very last time. Makes you think, no? How would you spend the day?

Teatro Colón

The 100+ year-old Teatro Colon (or Colon Theater) is one of the architectural jewels of Buenos Aires, and a world-class opera house. It had been closed for repairs since 2006, but re-opened at last on May 25th 2010.