Visit the authentic tango dancehalls of Buenos Aires

The Private Tango Nightlife Tour

TangoTrips Buenos Aires Tango Tour

On this evening or night-time private tour with our trusted partners TangoTrips you’ll visit a couple of authentic milongas (tango dance venues) to watch locals dance, have an Argentine drink with your expert guide, and discover the mysteries of the real Buenos Aires tango scene.

Why Take a Private Tango Nightlife Tour with TangoTrips?

If you want to avoid a staged tango show and opt for a more authentic tango experience, then this is the tour for you.

Your personal TangoTrips guide will show you the most authentic tango venues in Buenos Aires to watch local people dance tango, giving you an insider’s look into the tango scene where you will witness a truly unique phenomenon: the Argentine tango.

You will get picked up by your private guide and swept away to two different tango venues to get a sense of the distinct atmospheres. Any private round-trip transportation required from your accommodation, between the venues, and back to your accommodation at the end of the night is taken care of by TangoTrips, so you can just relax and enjoy your evening of tango.

[If you wish to meet your guide at the first venue and/or end the tour at the last venue, without the start/end transportation being needed, let us know and a discounted tour price could then be offered]

With your guide you will visit the places where people who grew up with tango go to dance, so the environment is authentic. You can even get on the dance floor too yourself if you so wish – but don’t worry if that doesn’t sound like your thing, it is far from obligatory!

A popular add-on to the tour is a 1 hour private tango lesson at the start.

“Thanks Liz for the amazing adventure! It was fascinating to visit the intriguing milongas and learn about their rituals and how Argentine tango really works from an insider.


Liz is passionate about tango and a great guide, it felt like we were out with a friend the whole time. Highly recommend and a must-do if you want an authentic Argentine tango experience!”

~ Gena Goh from Los Angeles (Read review on TripAdvisor)


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Private Milonga Tour Highlights

 •  Visit two different authentic local tango dance venues (milongas).

 •  Enjoy a drink & a bite while watching locals dance the night away.

 •  Experience local Buenos Aires nightlife in the company of an avid tango dancer.

 •  You can choose between the “See Tango Tour” and “Do Tango Tour” – something for everybody!

 •  Have all your questions about Argentine tango and the local scene answered by your personal bilingual guide (born in either the USA, UK or Europe, now living long-term in Argentina).

 •  Private round-trip transport from your accommodation is included, in addition to any transport needed between venues during the tour.

Optional Tour Add-ons

 •  Take a private tango lesson before your night out (1 hour) – additional cost of US$60 for a group of 1 to 3 people (ask for larger groups).

 •  Enjoy a casual meal with your tour guide during the tour (adds approx. 1 hour to tour length) – additional cost of US$30 for 1 person, US$50 for 2 people, or US$65 for 3 people (ask for larger groups).

 •  Have your own private tango dance partner for the duration of the tour (AKA “tango taxi dancer”) – ask for a quotation.

Testimonial for TangoTrips

“Our Tango Trip with Liz was one of the highlights of our trip to Buenos Aires. With Liz as our guide, we went places we never would have found on our own.


We went to a Milonga in one the parks in Buenos Aires where we watched local Argentines dancing under a gazebo lit up under the night sky. Later we went to a Tango class with Liz, and before we knew it we were dancing Tango with the locals.


It was a wonderful evening, and one that really made our trip to Buenos Aires the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend booking with TangoTrips for a rich and authentic Tango experience!”

~ Karen Stockmann from Maine (Read review on TripAdvisor)


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Gallery of Photos Taken on TangoTrips Milonga Tours

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Price and Duration of this Private Tango Nightlife Tour

 •  The pricing for this approx. 3 hour 100% private guided tango nightlife tour of the milongas of Buenos Aires is as follows:

 •  1 person: $160 USD total (the private guide just for you, a great personal experience!)

 •  2 people: $190 USD total (for the whole private group, so effectively US$95 per person)

 •  3 people: $240 USD total (for the whole private group, so effectively US$80 per person)

 •  4 people: $320 USD total (for the whole private group, so effectvely US$80 per person)

 •  5 people: $340 USD total (for the whole private group, so effectively US$68 per person)

 •  6 people: $360 USD total (for the whole private group, so effectively US$60 per person)

 •  Please ask about prices for private groups of 7 or more people.

 •  You get approximately 3 hours with on the tour after being met at your accommodation (or the cruise port) in Buenos Aires until you leave the last milonga. The cost of any transport needed at the start of the tour, during, and at the end of the tour is already INCLUDED in the total price of the tour. TangoTrips takes care of that for you, so you can just relax and enjoy an evening of tango.

 •  INCLUDED in stated tour price: Any private transportation needed by taxi, MPV/people carrier or minivan from your accommodation to the 1st venue, later on to the 2nd venue, and back again to your accommodation (or cruise port) at the end of the tour, approx. 3 hours (from being picked-up) of private tour time, your own bilingual (English/Spanish) tango tour guide, visits to 2 different milongas with any entry fees covered, a beverage of choice per person, plus your private guide will acquaint you with the venues, provide you with essential information to enhance the experience, and answer your questions.

 •  NOT included in stated tour price: any food or drink that you decide to consume apart from the 1 drink per person provided (we recommend you eat dinner before your tour, and TangoTrips can even pick you up from a restaurant if you prefer that to your hotel), tango dance classes (again, you could request to add a 1 hour private dance class on before your tour when booking), tango taxi dancers/personal dance partners for the night (an option to add when booking), gratuities.

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