Photos of Buenos Aires by Elliot Solomon

A hipster on Line C of the Buenos Aires Subway, photo by Elliot Solomon
A while back a very nice man, and talented photographer, called Elliot Solomon took one of our day walking tours of Buenos Aires. He enjoyed the tour a lot, and took many beautiful photos of the city along the way.
Elliot kindly agreed to allow us to use some of his (otherwise all rights reserved) photos on this website. You’ll find them where there is a link to this page marked “Elliot Solomon / All Rights Reserved”.
As Elliot’s photos are all rights reserved, if you wish to use any of them, you would have to contact him through his Flickr account to ask permission (you can click on the image of an envelope on that page to send him Flickr mail).
To see more of Elliot’s photos on Flickr, click here.  And you can also access his Buenos Aires photo album here.
Thanks Elliot!