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Feel free to select a tour duration that works for you and then at the end of the booking process you can complete a form so that we can plan the best tour for you. Or, read on further below for some more information on our suggested tours.
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So, you’ve decided to book a private walking tour of Buenos Aires with BuenosTours? Great decision! You won’t regret it.
(though if you’re not sure just yet, then check out Why BuenosTours?)
But, which of our tours should you take?
For most people, we recommend you take a full day (7+ hour) tour, our most popular and best value offering, to make the most out of your time in Buenos Aires.
Our recommended day-long tour itinerary is both in-depth AND an overview of the most important areas of the city to visit. If you have only one day in Buenos Aires (maybe you are on a cruise ship stop or just passing through), and want to make the most of your short time in Buenos Aires, then take the full day (7+ hour) tour. Or even if you are staying longer in Buenos Aires, it will give you a great start and help you decide where you want to go back to and where else you might want to visit during the rest of your stay, especially with the help of your expert guide making suggestions and recommendations for you.
On this tour you’ll get to feel the great differences between the different barrios (neighborhoods) of Buenos Aires, while seeing the three main faces of the city – north, south and center.
A whole day might sounds like a lot of walking. But as it is a private tour, it can go along completely at your pace. Also there is a cafe break, lunch break and at least one subway ride, which divide the walking into small, manageable sections. Or you could even ask to split the tour over two different days, if you are worried about the length, and have the time in Buenos Aires to do so (feel free to get in touch with us about that possibility, letting us know your preferred 2 dates and start times).
So, you don’t need to be super-fit. Just mobile. Give it a try – this Full Day Buenos Aires “101” Tour is the best way to experience the city of Buenos Aires in just one day:

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Suggested Half Day Private Walking Tour

Or, if you fancy something more concise, less intensive, or just don’t have as much time. Then this half day private walking tour around the historical center of Buenos Aires is the perfect introduction to its fascinating history and culture.
You will see the most important historical and political sights in all of Argentina, and learn how Buenos Aires became the great (and chaotic) capital city it is today. And all in a short, easy and enjoyable walk!
This, the first ever tour we offered and still going strong, is the short intro to Buenos Aires for you:

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Or, do you fancy taking more than one private walking tour with us?

If you want to take more than one short walking tour – on the same day (one starting in the morning and one starting in the late afternoon), or on different days – then you have these 3 main options to choose from:

Finally, if you are interested in taking two full day tours, then contact us for our “North and South” two day private walking tour proposal (letting us know your 2 preferred dates/start times).  
Whichever tour or tours you choose to book, we guarantee that you’ll be happy, and enjoy your time on them in Buenos Aires. In fact, we are so confident that you’ll like our tours that we offer a 100% money back guarantee (see here for details, under refunds policy) to anyone not satisfied with their tours. And in the 12+ years since we started giving tours, no one has asked us for this yet!


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