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Buenos Aires Guitar Lessons

Learn to play the guitar in Buenos Aires

If you are staying for more than a couple of weeks, get into some local grooves with Maxi, a porteño who gives private classes in the international language of music. He has been studying and playing guitar music for 15 years, and knows his stuff.

Description of guitar classes

First there will be a general discussion of the student’s needs, expectations for the class, music they like to play and learn (whether it’s rock, folk, blues, electronic, or other types), etc. The course plan is designed specially for each student, and they can receive emails with exercises to practice at home. This keeps music in the students’ minds all the time… not just the time that they are in class.

Maxi is in continual contact with his students – they can feel free to contact him if they have questions or want more exercises, which for example can relate to scales, chords and other music theory, open tunings, particular songs, and chords. Reading and writing music, ear training, pick and finger techniques can also be covered.

But perhaps most importantly: all levels are welcome and catered for.

Details of classes

Happy playing!