Buenos Aires Tango

Beautiful Buenos Aires Tango
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Buenos Aires Tango

Tango is Buenos Aires’ gift to the world. It’s sensual, seductive, captivating and definitely not to be missed.

Why should I take in some tango when in Buenos Aires?

Tango is the most important cultural contribution that Buenos Aires has given to the world. This distinctive form of music and dance is seductive, captivating and, simply put, great entertainment – it should not be missed when you are visiting the city where tango was born and is done best.

General Buenos Aires Tango Info

Buenos Aires is the home of Tango, since the dance and music came bubbling up from the poor southern barrios in the 1870s to be what was at first only the music of the lower classes in Buenos Aires, but very soon after a global phenomenon that is still going stronger than ever today. Without a doubt, Buenos Aires is the best city in the world to experience Tango, in it’s birthplace, whether you want to listen to it, watch it being danced, or dance it yourself. Here you will find further info on some of the best places to experience tango in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

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